Your Childs gait just doesn't look quite right?

Children's foot health

In-toeing? Out-toeing? Walking on tippy toes? Or somethings just does not look right when your child walks? 

It is normal for children to walk differently to adults but there is a cut-off point. They are certain characteristics of what the gait should look like in children at different stages of growing up. Luckily, most of the time, the kids will grow out of it (developmental), but sometimes if there is a structural issue, then we need to pick it up early and implement treatment so it does not turn into something fixed or chronic to affect later life. 

Sometimes your kids might not complain at all as their body is more flexible, they adapt well even in an undesired position. Or even when the muscles or other soft tissues have been strained, they might not even notice as they recover a lot faster. But this does not necessarily mean that there is nothing wrong with the way how they are walking or how the body is functioning. If something just does not look right, or if both legs/feet are functioning quite differently, it is probably a good idea to bring them in for a proper assessment. 

The other period to pay attention to is the growth spurts prior to teenage hood, at that stage, the growth plate is very active and kids at this stage are often very physical, the growth plate can get irritated easily especially if they have undesired biomechanics. 

Good news is, most of the "abnormality" you see are developmental - which means the kids will grow out of them. And even when something requires treatment, because their body is so flexible and their body memory has not locked into a pattern, kids normally responds very well to treatment. 


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