Toe to Toe Podiatry uses leading CAD/CAM orthotics making system on the market - Voxelcare, to ensure your custom orthotics have the best fit, best comfort, and best correction to your feet

Most private health funds have cover for custom-made orthotics, check with us or your private health insurer to find out more

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How Custom made Orthotics are produced at Toe to Toe Podiatr

3D laser foot scanning

3D laser foot scanner

Every pair of good orthotics starts from a good cast. Only a cast that best replicate the feet exactly can produce the most precise, effective, and comfortable orthotics. 

Microscopic detail!

Detailed accurate scanning of feet

As well as having the ability to capture the depth of the arch due to it's 3D capability, the scan is also so powerful that it scans down to the texture of the skin! This means that any lesion on the feet can be located accurately for offloading or support. No more guess work!

Step 2

CAD system designing/prescription

Voxelcare custom made orthotics designing software

Once the foot impression has been taken, the image is uploaded to the powerful CAD design software. 


Plantar foot pressure force plate

The plantar pressure analysis result is transcribed over the foot impression taken to give absolute information about the feet for best orthotic prescription. 

Every scenario covered!

Voxelcare online custom made orthotics design software

Over 18 years of making, Voxelcare has a software so versatile that it has hundreds of designing options to choose from, this gives the podiatrist the ability to design the orthotics however and whatever he/she wants based on the assessment and the needs of the patient. Want to have the orthotics fit in your favorite high heel or flip flop shoes? The software probably already has your shoe template saved in the system!

Step 3

Orthotic milling

Voxelcare custom made orthotics highly accurate milling machine

After designing the orthotics, it is time to make them! The correct density of the blocks/material will be chosen based on clinical assessment and intend use. The milling machine can mill your orthotics with an accuracy of 0.01mm.

Production time!

Custom made orthotics milling in progress

The machine can mill a pair of orthotics in 15min. This means faster turnaround time - not having to wait weeks for your treatment to start. 

Step 4

The final detailing

Custom made orthotics sample

The milled orthotics are topped with covers that suit the intend use. For example, high abrasive resilient cushioned material for sports or thin luxurious leather for dress shoes.

Feel them on your feet!

The orthotics will be checked against your feet and shaped into shoes. Fine tuning might be needed based on clinical findings and patient feedback. 


Toe to Toe Podiatry makes the best custom made orthotics by employing sophisticated high-tech 3D laser foot scanner and orthotic fabricating machine that can mill to 0.01mm of accuracy.

Custom made orthotic milling machine capable of  0.01mm of accuracy