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Footwear Advice

It can be confusing and frustrating with so many brands of shoes out there to choose from. It is even more annoying when every brand uses slightly different sizing system. 

What to look for in a pair of shoes? Do you just go for the look and the size? They are a lot more to consider when getting the right pair of shoes for you - length, width, last shape, toebox height, heel height, base surface area, shank stiffness, heel counter, outsole material, midsole material, stitching placement, strap or lace placement, inner shoe material, inner shoe shape. All these can play a role affecting how the shoes fit your feet. 

Even if the shoes fit well on your feet but are they providing you with the right support and cushioning? Are you wearing the right type of shoes for the activities you are doing? Sometimes, the shoes might not be the problem but rather how your feet are shaped and how they function. 

Come in for a comprehensive assessment where your feet, gait and pressure under the feet will be checked to help you find the right type of shoes. You might also need custom-made orthotics to help you wear the shoes even better. 


digital motion analysis, digital high-tech pressure scanner; custom-made orthotics

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