Nail & Skin Care

Thick fungal nails, sore corns, sore callouses, split heels, ingrown toenails

Unsightly nails? Un-comfortable thick skin? Painful corns preventing you walking properly?

We have professional sterilized tools to help deal with all your nail and skin issues. We use once-off sterilized surgical blades to remove your hard skin and corns for you. 

If you are not sure how to cut your nails correctly, or if you think you have ingrown toenail, the podiatrists are trained for it. If you have unsightly thick fungal nails, it is best to have the nails thinned by the podiatrist and get proper advice on how to deal with them long term. For fungal nails, it's more about long term management rather than current treatment. 

If you have chronic persistant warts/verrucae pedis that will just not go away, at Toe to Toe Podiatry, we have a special technique called the "multiple puncture" technique that might be able to help rid off your pesky painful warts. 

Callouses and corns are not always just simply thick skin, a lot of the time, it is actually a signal that the area of the foot is getting too much pressure. For example, if you have longer 2nd toe, you will most likely notice more callous under the ball of 2nd toe. We will be able to see this on our digital pressure scan, which is linked with orthotics making system to create an innersole to offload this area to slow the growth of the callouses or prevent it from coming back completely at once. Don't settle for short term solution by just having the hard skin removed, but find out why they occur and how they occur, and have something done to reduce those pressure --> Find out more.


water spray drill for better comfort (no over-heating); sterilized instruments; high-tech digital pressure machine to help detect where the callouses and corns are coming from; multiple puncture technique for warts

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