Biomechanics/Musculoskeletal/Orthopaedic/Sport Podiatry

Sports Injury such as heel pain, bunion, and plantar fasciitis

Most comprehensive and acurate examination from head to toes

Majority of the chronic foot pain and injuries are likely to have a biomechanical origin - meaning it is from the way how you move, how your joints move, how your muscles function, and how your nervous system co-ordinates all the systems together. If one of these structures do not function well, in the long run, it might start to impact other structures and eventually lead to total dysfunction or shutdown.

A sports podiatrist has a great understanding of how the body works and we understand the complexity of every injury so we take our time to assess you from the head to toe down. Posture, joints, muscles, ligaments, proprioception, dynamic function, gait, and pressure testing will be done for EVERY condition you come in for. As mentioned earlier, as all the body parts are linked together, when you have pain in one area does not mean that's where the problem lies but it could potentially be just a compensation from dysfunction somewhere else. So in order to get the best treatment outcome, we have to always make sure every other risk factors are ruled out prior to the treatment.

Toe to Toe Podiatry has also invested in high-tech sophisticated equipment to assist the gathering, the analysis, and the diagnosis of your presenting problem/s, this means we will get even better understanding of the cause and effect and be able to plan a treatment more accurately, which means faster recovery so you can continue to enjoy your activities and lifestyle.  


body integration analysis, dynamic function testing, digital motion analysis, hig-tech digital plantar pressure analysis 

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